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Just a few of our recent clients & projects

Cindy Cline-Flores' Always Hope:
True Stories of Ordinary People Overcoming Extraordinary Odds

Nearly six years in the making, this beautiful book was released to the world on 9 April, 2010, during a moving program at Unity Church of Christianity in Houston, Texas. (That's Unity Senior Minister Reverend Howard Caesar at the podium in the right-hand image above.)

Compiled by Cindy Cline-Flores and enhanced with the works of renowned photographer Alisa Murray, this book is a stirring collection of true stories about people who have suffered, and survived, some of life's most brutal trials. Always Hope includes a special foreword by famed writer Ray Bradbury, a longtime friend of the author's late sister, to whom this book is dedicated. (For more information about Always Hope, including ordering information, click here.)

Working for Cindy, we edited — and in some cases helped write — the stories for Always Hope, and provided cover design and page layout/design. We did this not only for a special limited promotional edition of the book (which we featured on our old site), but also for the final published edition, which involved adding new stories as well as a complete re-sizing and redesign, new layout, and new dust jacket design. We also helped create press packages and other promotional material for the April 2009 book launch in Houston, and we continue to support the author's promotional efforts and her dream to bring the book to a larger audience. This book is only the beginning of what the author intends to be an entire Always Hope franchise. (We think she's off to a great start.)


..Ralph Williams'
Stomp Yer Croc!
(and the upcoming
autobiographical work
The Cooliemon Legacy)

"Business fiction" is a relatively new book genre that presents real-world business concepts and principles in a fictional format. Stomp Yer Croc! is a business-fiction gem from Ralph Williams, president and CEO of Cooliemon, one of the planet's most successful business-improvement, benchmarking and training firms.

In Stomp Yer Croc! Ralph uses an entertaining story to lay out the basics of process improvement and problem solving...or "croc-stomping," if you will. (Not, as he hastens to explain in the Foreword to his book, that Ralph literally advocates harming our crocodilian citizens in any way; croc-stomping is merely a metaphor.) Unlike some "fluff" books that use parables or fables as gimmicks to make — or stretch — abstract points that often have no pragmatic value, Stomp Yer Croc! illustrates proven business-improvement concepts and procedures.

When first he came to us, Ralph was all ready to go to press through a print-on-demand company that had provided interior layout and, Ralph thought, a rather lackluster dust jacket design for Stomp Yer Croc!. He wasn't quite satisfied with the look of the book. So just before he told the printers to crank up the presses, asked us to do a new dust jacket design. We not only created one that he loved, but we also ended up completely re-doing the interior design — that is, after extensively editing the text and helping rewrite some portions. Ralph was enormously pleased with the results, declaring, as others have before him, that he wished he'd come to us in the first place. (He would have saved a lot of time and money.) And the book, a gorgeous full-color work, has been well-received by Ralph's clients all over the world.

We love working with Ralph, and apparently the reverse is true as well. We have also created full-color brochures and other promotional materials for him, and when his company needed a new exhibit booth for an upcoming trade show, we even designed the graphics for the panels and signage. We also provided the basic content and design, including most graphics, rollover images, and copy, for the Cooliemon web site. (Animations, flash hyperlinks, shadow effects on some graphics, and other embellishments were later added by the very talented Jay Vogel.)

Along with writing and designing other materials for Ralph, we're working with him on his next book, a nonfiction work called The Cooliemon Legacy. This book chronicles the amazing story of Ralph's family, who have roots in India, Jamaica, and London. The Cooliemon Legacy is not only an absorbing family chronicle but a rich source of takeaway lessons about love, faith, work ethic, and other lasting values.

For more information on Stomp Yer Croc! click here. And stay tuned to this web site for updates on The Cooliemon Legacy.


..Sterling R. Braswell's
Crazy Town:
Money. Marriage. Meth.

In early 2006, Sterling published American Meth through the print-on-demand company iUniverse. In alternating chapters, he laid out the global history of methamphetamine use and abuse, and his own harrowing experiences — experiences that nearly cost him his life — with a meth-abusing spouse and her lover.

At the time Sterling was first unraveling the tangled conspiracy between his ex-wife and her dangerous career-criminal lover (who were running a meth lab almost under Sterling's nose), there wasn't a great deal of information widely available about meth abuse. Desperate for guidance, Sterling set out to research the problem, and that research eventually led to this compelling blend of social history and memoir.

The original work, American Meth, was very well-received and actually got pretty widely reviewed, which is rare for a print-on-demand title by an unknown author. Obviously the book filled a gap. When Sterling decided to revise and expand the work, he hired us to edit existing chapters and create new ones for publication under his own imprint, Streetgang Publishing. As he was making plans to go to print with the book (under the title Tweaker Madness), it came to the attention of a small publisher in Pennsylvania, Kallisti Publishing, whose owner, Tony Michalski, knows a good book when he sees one. Tony struck a deal with Sterling to publish the book under the title Crazy Town (which, as it happens, was one of the alternative titles we had discussed with Sterling during the book's developmental stage). And the rest is history... or, to be more exact, an expanded global history of meth, as well as a painful but eloquently written personal history of the damage done by this nightmare drug.

Visit the web site... and get Crazy.
The Crazy Town blog.
Need IT solutions by a seriously smart guy? Here is what occupies Sterling's time when he's not writing.


..Lisa Pankau's
Beyond Seduction:
Loving Without Limits

What's the secret to making passion in marriage last for a lifetime? Lisa Pankau knows. Married for years to a famous and flamboyant private eye who, to put it charitably, had a short attention span, she managed to sustain a passionate and mutually fulfilling (though admittedly sometimes tempestuous) union. In this book she shares how she did it... and how any couple can keep the passion alive long past the honeymoon.

Lisa Pankau's own life story is worth a book in itself, and maybe that's coming next (we're strongly encouraging her!). But first things first. After the death of her beloved husband (and our client and friend) Ed in 2004, Lisa decided that one way to handle her grief and loss was to share with others what she had learned over the years: "the knowledge that there is the possibility of a deep and passionate love that two people can nurture, grow, and share together for a lifetime." She chose to do this via her book, Beyond Seduction, Loving Without Limits, for which we edited the manuscript, created the cover and interior design, and created the e-book.

Since the book's publication Lisa has been doing the media rounds. Not long ago she sat down with host Dave Anderson on the KATU-TV (Portland Oregon) show, AM Northwest, and talked about her book, focusing on one of its hot topics, the "C" word: Conflict. Here's a temporary link; as soon as we get a permalink we'll provide that, or alternately, will secure permission to embed the video on this page.

Though she frequently visits the States, Lisa is currently living in the Central American paradise of Roatan, Honduras, where she is involved in real estate development. She is now working on the Spanish translation of Beyond Seduction (and yes, we'll be helping her bring that one to life as well). To find out more about Beyond Seduction, visit the book's web site or the Beyond Seduction Facebook page.


..Tom Nicoli's
Thinking Thin:
A Startling New Approach
to Weight Loss and Fitness
by One of America's Most
Successful Board-Certified Hypnotists

Tom Nicoli is not just another hypnotist promising miraculous instant results with no effort on your part. He'll be the first to tell you that real change takes work. On the other hand, weight loss and maintenance don't have to be an exercise in self-torture. In Thinking Thin Tom outlines simple and straightforward techniques to access your subconscious and create real and lasting behavioral change that will support you in your quest for health and fitness.

From the publisher's page:

Have you suffered through too many trendy diet programs without lasting results? Have you worked yourself to the point of exhaustion in the gym? Have you ever taken a “miracle” pill to help you lose weight? Does your weight still fluctuate more than the stock market? Are you pleading for a weight solution that actually works?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you must read THINKING THIN — a startling new approach to weight-loss and fitness developed by Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, one of America’s most successful Board-certified hypnotists, who has been seen on Dateline NBC and praised by SHAPE Magazine as the “Hippest of the Hyp!"

Tom has shown thousands of people around the world how to live free from the anguish of obesity — all without the struggle associated with most weight-loss programs and diets. Why put up with dangerous diet pills or waste another day of self-starvation or dreaded workouts when you don’t have to? Make the decision today to embark upon the joyous path to a better you. It all begins with THINKING THIN...

Thinking Thin was first published in a limited edition under the title, D.E.P.T.H. of Behavior: The Truth About Weight Loss. We helped Tom create the original book, based upon the self-hypnosis principles he teaches. Although D.E.P.T.H. of Behavior was his first book, Tom already had an impressive series of audio products covering everything from weight loss to pain management to sports performance improvement. Besides handling the writing under Tom's guidance, we also created the cover and the page layout and design for the interior. Later the book was picked up by Kallisti Publishing and released under a new title, Thinking Thin.

We truly enjoyed working with Tom and hope to work with him on future books in his D.E.P.T.H. of BehaviorTM series.

The Amazon page for Thinking Thin
SHAPE Magazine gives one of Tom's weight-loss CD sets a five-star review
Need more tools to create "A Better You?" Visit Tom Nicoli's web site.


..Paul McCormick's
Secrets of the
Millionaire Inside:
The 7-Step Formula
For Becoming a Millionaire

Paul McCormick calls himself The Millionaire MentorTM, and, indeed, he is considerably more qualified than most people to give advice about how to become wealthy. After all, he did it himself. Starting from almost nothing, he helped build a multimillion dollar business within three years, and walked away from the corporate grind to a life of independent wealth while still in his thirties.

Unlike many writers who claim to be wealth or success experts, Paul is the real deal. What you get in Secrets of the Millionaire Inside is not secondhand theory from some wannabe, but practical advice from a self-made millionaire. Moreover, Paul doesn't promise any magical formula that will make you rich overnight without your having to lift a finger. (Good thing, too, because we think the world has seen more than enough of that kind of stuff.) He does present some eye-opening, and some would say counterintuitive, ideas about wealth, devoting much effort to exploring the self-sabotaging, wealth-destroying attitudes most people have about money. In fact, his "formula" is almost as much about what not to do (and how not to think) as it is about what to do if you want to become wealthy. For instance, as paradoxical as it may seem, the more you "love" money, the more likely it is to elude you. Hence, point number one in his 7-Point "Formula For Millionaires": "Stop loving money." (There's something else Paul says you should love and value instead. The answer may surprise you.)

When Paul approached us to turn a series of his wealth webinars into a book describing his "formula," he already had one book under his belt, Secrets of the Miracle Inside. He sent us the transcripts of his webinars and speeches, and in less than two months we turned them into a full-length nonfiction book, Secrets of the Millionaire Inside. We also provided the page layout and interior design. (Paul had already hired another cover designer before he came to us, but we did help enhance the jacket flap blurbs and the back-cover copy.) In addition, using other material from Paul's webinars we created three shorter e-books for him, "Busting Those Money Myths," "Businesses That Can Make You Millions," and "Making Millions While You Sleep." We also did all of the graphic design for the e-books, basing the "covers" on the cover design for Secrets of the Millionaire Inside.

For more information, visit Paul's Secrets of the Millionaire Inside web site, his Formula For Millionaires site, or The Authentic Millionaire site.


..Ian Fletcher's
Free Trade
Doesn't Work:
What Should Replace It
And Why

Dissident economist and successful investment advisor Ian Fletcher intends to explode, once and for all, the myth that that free trade is always best. The truth is that free trade is slowly bleeding America's economy to death. But the author doesn't just explain the very real problems free trade causes or exacerbates. He also offers cutting-edge solutions, framed around the groundbreaking school of economics known as New Trade Theory. Free Trade Doesn't Work exposes trade issues as no other book on the market has done. And it actually manages to make trade theory interesting to the rest of us — which is quite an accomplishment in itself.

As the world wrestles with the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, free trade has become controversial in a way that it hadn't been since the early-1990s debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement. Ignoring the reality of history and current events, the wealthiest nations continue to embrace free trade almost as something sacred, viewing protectionism as a threat to their economies and entire way of life.

Nevertheless it is free trade that really poses the threat — not just for America but for other developed and developing nations. The nearly $700 billion trade deficit in the U.S. is just one example of the cumulative damage free trade causes. Ian Fletcher explains this, and much more, in Free Trade Doesn't Work. This book is not just a rehash of dry trade theory; it introduces a fresh new way of thinking about the issues, along with realistic solutions. Of course it is controversial, but manages to be so without being politically partisan. Most importantly, as the editorial description on the Amazon page puts it: "Unlike many past critiques of free trade, it is economically-literate; it also explains New Trade Theory, the hot new area of economics that critiques free trade."

Free Trade Doesn't Work is, as the author writes on the site, "a good counterargument to the Thomas Friedman view of economic globalization. Read this book to get ahead of the curve on America's next big economic controversy."

Formerly an economist in private practice (serving mainly hedge funds and private equity firms), Ian Fletcher is an Adjunct Fellow at the San Francisco office of the U.S. Business and Industry Council (USBIC), a Washington think tank founded in 1933. We created a book proposal for Ian's completed manuscript for Free Trade Doesn't Work. The work had already received impressive pre-publication reviews, and Ian was very dedicated in his efforts to get the manuscript into the hands of credible experts. The book was published by the USBIC in January 2010, and continues to get accolades. (If you are interested in writing a review of Free Trade Doesn't Work, contact the author at (Serious inquiries only.))

For more information, visit the Free Trade Doesn't Work web site.

Here is the author's blog.
Here's the Amazon page. (If you're an Amazon customer, do "take a look inside the book" and read the Introduction. That should be enough to make you want to read the entire book.)
Here's a public-forum page on the site, with a summary of the book, many of the testimonials...and a conversation that sometimes gets a bit...intense.
An April 2010 piece by Ian Fletcher on the Huffington Post site. (Even if you're not a fan of HuffPost, don't let that stop you. You'll be missing out.)


..Mark Stephens'
Never Afraid:

One Clean Cop
in a Dirty World

Mark Stephens was living his boyhood dream of being a cop. And for many years he was a "good cop" in every sense of the word, arresting literally thousands of criminals, helping solve some of Houston's most notorious crimes, never losing a case in court, earning more than forty commendations — and doing it all on the up-and-up. It was too good to last.

So competent was Mark at his job that he was promoted to an elite division in his department, the Public Integrity Unit. In his new position, the targets of his pursuit were not violent drug dealers or armed robbers, but public officials. He found himself thrust into a realm of politics where there was no black and white, and the line between good and evil was blurred. Worlds away from the dangerous streets where he had begun his career, he learned about a different category of "bad guys" — the suits who ran the city, and some that were running the police department — who turned out to be as bad as some of the perpetrators that he had arrested on the streets. The difference was that some of the "suits" didn't get arrested. They received commendations along with their bribes. One — a former Chief of Police — is still active in public life and was even poised at one point to assume an influential position in a presidential administration that prides itself on transparency and integrity.

When Mark discovered corruption in his own department there was no way he could just turn a blind eye to it. Thus he found himself caught up in what he describes as "a twisted version of 'good cop, bad cop.'" Things got pretty ugly, and ultimately he had no choice but to give up the career that had been his lifelong dream.

Never Afraid is the true story of one Houston police officer who tried to stem the tide of corruption that reached the highest levels in the department, and who sacrificed his career in the attempt. That corruption remains, and is, if anything, seeking an even more lucrative playing field. The idealism that once drove Mark, though somewhat diminished, isn't gone. Now, however, he battles the corruption from the outside, as a successful private investigator, and as a man with a passion to tell his story.

Although the manuscript is still in progress, Mark is actively seeking representation and publication. Towards this end, we created a winning query and book proposal package for Never Afraid, which is currently being reviewed by a major literary agent who asked to see the proposal after receiving the query. Mark has also spoken with a couple of Hollywood movie producers who are interested in possibly turning his story into a TV series or a feature film. We think this work has terrific potential and are doing all we can to support and encourage Mark in bringing his book to life. And he is already working on his next book as well, stirring the pot even more as he uncovers yet more political corruption. It is, it seems, a never-ending story...

For more information about Mark Stephens, visit his web site.
Here is
a May 2010 news story on Houston's CBS affiliate, KHOU-TV (Channel 11), regarding an investigation in which Mark was involved.


. Art Rascon's
The Heart of News:
Lessons of Love,
Faith & Gratitude
From Today's News Stories

Emmy®-Award winning broadcast news journalist Art Rascon, currently with Houston ABC affiliate KTRK-TV (Channel 13), has gone on assignment all over the world, reporting on outer events while always seeking the inner lessons Whether it's a natural disaster of cataclysmic proportions, new trouble in some war-ravaged land, or a history-changing political development in the US or abroad, chances are that Art Rascon will be right in the middle of it, relating events as they unfold.

But Art has always had a passion for the news that goes beyond a desire to report events. Although he has carved out a remarkable career reporting those events, striving always for fairness and accuracy (and at times putting his life on the line while doing a story), the news has always been much more to him than the headlines and top stories. He has always been more intrigued by the stories behind the headlines, and the life lessons at the true heart of the news.

In The Heart of News, he shares his personal experiences and observations from intriguing stories covered over the past two decades. At the very least, these accounts are entertaining and eye-opening. But they also offer a vision of love, faith, compassion, and hope that will stay with the reader long after today's top headlines give way to tomorrow's breaking news.

We edited the manuscript for The Heart of News and provided jacket design and interior layout and design for a limited published edition of the book. Art was a delight to work with. Although The Heart of News is currently unavailable, Art is still busily reporting the news from all over the world (and no doubt gathering stories for his next book). Among many other assignments, he recently delivered a remarkable series of reports from earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

The Amazon page for The Heart of News
Art Rascon's Wikipedia entry
Art's bio page on the KTRK-TV web site


Client testimonials (in progress)

Over the years we've gathered plenty of accolades, scattered throughout the acknowledgments pages of published works, as well as in emails and other online forums... it's just a matter of getting them all together in one place. Meanwhile, here are a few published acknowledgments:

  • Ralph Williams, owner of one of the world's most successful business-improvement firms, Cooliemon, in his business-fiction book Stomp Yer CrocTM: "...a very special thank you to Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt, who have added so much to the story. Their efforts increased the clarity of the tale and developed the characters in ways that greatly improved the flow of the plot and the points that the story conveys. In addition, Ron and Connie designed the wonderful dust jacket for Stomp Yer CrocTM that illustrates the themes and symbols represented in the book, and designed the interior in a manner that significantly enhanced the book's visual appeal."

  • Cindy Cline-Flores, long-time executive director at Unity Church of Christianity in Houston, Texas, in her book Always Hope ~ True Stories of Ordinary People Overcoming Extraordinary Odds: "Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt, for your editing, design, and input for the book... for your generosity and kindness! I have truly enjoyed working with both of you."

  • Lisa Pankau, in her book, Beyond Seduction: Loving Without Limits: "My book editors and designers, Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt, have so patiently and lovingly assisted with the text of this book. While my perspectives are generally more reserved than theirs, it has been a tremendous pleasure to work with them on this project. I am very excited about the final product and am very grateful for their expertise and experience. Thank you Ron and Connie!"

  • Jesse Marcel, Jr., son of the first military officer at the 1947 crash site in Roswell, New Mexico, in his book The Roswell Legacy: "To Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt, I give my thanks for turning decades of memories into a book in which my father and I can take real pride."

  • Renato F. Sison, retired psychiatrist and bariatric (obesity) physician, in his book Instinctive Eating: A Re-evolutionary Approach to Nutritional Health and Weight Management: "My first thanks go to Connie Schmidt and Ron Kaye. Like the good doctors that you are not, you were gentle when I needed support, firm when my efforts needed redirection, and honest when I needed an opinion (for a fleeting moment I considered using the phrase, brutally honest, but I thought this might understate your qualities.) Enlisting your assistance was the most prudent thing I did for this book. Thank you for helping to make this the book that I had envisioned."

  • Paul McCormick, wealth expert and author of Secrets of the Millionaire Inside and numerous e-books, in his e-book, Making Millions While You Sleep: "I gave a teleseminar a few months ago and it was well received. I thought it was pretty good, so I thought I would turn it and some of my other recent speeches into a book... [I had the audio files transcribed and then] sent the transcription to...Schmidt Kaye & Company Professional Literary Services. They edited it and made it beautiful (and they also did the interior design)... Schmidt Kaye & Company made it into a beautiful, flowing book."

From your mouth...
to the printed (or onscreen) page!

If you're "not really a writer," or if, like Paul McCormick, you simply don't have time to write — but you are a successful public speaker or seminar leader — no worries! We specialize in turning the spoken word into readable and engaging prose, which is a lot more involved than it might seem at first glance. (Try sitting down and reading a transcript of any kind, whether it's a court deposition or a transcript of a TV segment, and you'll see what we mean.) We'll not only transform your speech(es) — or even your random thoughts, spoken out loud — into "written word-ese," but we'll flesh out your thoughts, do research and fact-checking as needed, and add relevant ideas of our own (with your approval, of course). And that's not all. If you're self-publishing we'll do the layout, graphics, and cover & interior design for both print and e-books. Your customers will have a real reason to buy your books, because they will complement but not be redundant with your other information products.

A book works for you on multiple levels. Your books are a vital element of your brand (assuming that is a concern of yours), but they're more than that. More than any other product, a well-written and professionally designed book helps establish you as an authority in your field. We'll help you create books that will enhance your brand and increase your credibility.


  • Myra Kaplan, in her book Finding A Keeper: A Handbook For Single Women Over 35 In Search of Mr. Right: "...thank you to my editors, Connie Schmidt and Ron Kaye, of Schmidt Kaye & Company...for their endless hours. They gave the book the shape it is in today, and I have no doubt that without them I would not have completed it. I'll never forget that July morning sitting in that hot little bagel shop when the idea for the book's format was first suggested. Connie, all I had to do was say a few words and you read my mind. I could not have found another person more dedicated and committed than you have been. You are one in a million, and I cannot thank you enough. I used to wonder why authors spoke so fondly of their editors — I now know."

  • Janet O'Neal, "The Love Coach," in her book The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Art of Seduction: "I thank Connie Schmidt and Ron Kaye, 'the Love Coach Literary Support Team,' who went above and beyond the call of duty to help bring this book to life. The book truly would not have been possible without you."

  • Reverend Jerome Stefaniak, author and spiritual teacher, in his book, Intimacy In Action ~ Relationships That Feed the Soul: "Ron and Connie: Thank you for all your love and support in making this book become alive!"

  • Ronald P. Schutz, MBA, CLU, CBI, financial advisor, lifelong entrepreneur, and author, in his book, Financial Truths For The 21st Century ~ Survive the Hype & Heist With Your Wallet Intact!: "Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt...had the talent to polish my words, and provide an eye-catching design (and a wonderful cover) for those words."
    In his book, Beyond Majority Thinking: Helping Remove Uncertainty From Your Financial Future (co-authored with Gail Schutz): "Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt...reworked our efforts and tied the themes together. Like the orchestra leader, they coordinated and filled in missing pieces to give a complete story."

  • Tom Nicoli, BCH, CI, certified hypnotist and author of Thinking Thin (formerly D.E.P.T.H. of Behavior: The Truth About Weight Loss), writing about Ron Kaye on Linkedin: "Working with Ron on my book D.E.P.T.H. of Behavior - The Truth About Weight Loss was a pleasure as he helped make the process a wonderful experience. Ron's an outside the box kind of guy with the ability to be in the box when needed. I highly urge anyone to use Ron's services."

  • Genie J. Fuller, author of Winning The Referral Game: "Thank you so much for making my book, Winning the Referral Game, a winner! Your layout and cover design on both the first and the second edition have made a huge difference. The book works because you really got my message and laid the book out to support my message and training. Because of your creativity and expertise, the book looks great, and I am so proud of it. In addition, you are fun to work with! I never knew what to expect, but I knew it would work well. I appreciate your keen sense of humor and dedicated work ethic. Even though I brought the book to you with limited time to complete, the project was finished and printed in time for a large customer's deadline. Thanks for making my project a priority. Because of your creativity, skill, experience and expertise, not to mention the friendship we developed, I look forward to working with you on my future endeavors."


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