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(& OTHER MATTERS OF CONSEQUENCE)? (links to more info)
OUR PHILOSOPHY (the 8th seriously good reason to hire us)
A LITTLE REALITY (but not enough to hurt you)

"It is as easy to dream a book
as it is hard to write one."

~ Honoré de Balzac

Balzac (1799-1850) knew what too many of us have learned the hard way. Dreaming about writing a book is only the beginning; the real labor lies in actually producing an engaging and readable work, and then letting the world know about it.

That's why Schmidt Kaye & Company is here. We are Ron Kaye and Connie Schmidt, two experienced wordcrafters and book designers who specialize in services for authors. We will write, edit, co-write or ghostwrite your book — and, if you're going to self-publish, we'll also design it inside and out, and even create material to help you promote it.


To us, there's nothing more satisfying than being part of the process of "birthing" a book, of helping authors realize their dreams. Whether you're planning to self-publish or take the traditional route and solicit a trade publisher, here are some of the ways we can help you
bring your book to life...

  • Ghostwriting, rewriting or editing your book (or E-book)
    here for samples of our editing or rewriting (but not samples of our ghostwriting; as they say, "Discretion is the better part of ghosting.")

  BY THE WAY... Do you have some questions about ghostwriting — what it is, who owns the rights to a ghostwritten book...or if it's even ethical to have someone else write your book for you? Click here.
  • Critiquing your manuscript
  • Cover design (for self-published authors).
  • Page design and layout (for self-published authors)
    Our new cover design and page layout galleries are coming soon; meanwhile,
    here's a portal to the galleries on our old web site.
  • Production / printing supervision and hand-holding (for self-published authors)

  BY THE WAY... Are you befuddled and bewildered about words and terms related to publishing? For example, do you know the difference between traditional vanity publishing and self-publishing? And where does print on demand fit into the picture? And...what's with this word "trade"...what's a trade paperback, and a trade publisher? We'll try to clear up some of the confusion. Click here.
  • Preparing your manuscript for a traditional publisher
  • Writing book proposals and query letters for publishers or agents
  • Consultation and to help you decide the direction for your book project(s)
  • Coaching (on a limited basis; we may be expanding these services soon, so stay tuned!)

But we don't just do books. We also offer...

  • Writing and graphic design for newsletters, brochures, flyers, and just about anything else for the printed page and electronic media
  • Copywriting and ad design (yes, we give great ad!)
  • Design of other promotional and marketing material (we've even designed panels, backdrops and signage for trade show booths)
  • News releases
  • Set up of blogs & social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to promote your book (and ghost-blogging, ghost-tweeting, etc. if you wish)
  • Simple web site design and content to promote your book
  • Coming soon: Infoproducts to help you make the most of your writing and publishing journey

What types of books do we handle?

By far, the majority of our projects have been adult nonfiction on a variety of topics — including but not limited to biography/autobiography, self-help/motivation, relationships, human sexuality, health and nutrition, spirituality, politics, humor, business, and personal finance. We have also edited and/or laid out legal reference books, cookbooks, workbooks and even doctoral theses. (Note: We do NOT ghostwrite theses.)

Although we specialize in nonfiction, we have worked with and will consider adult fiction of most genres as well.

We are fairly liberal about our choice of topics. We will, for example, consider erotica, but not hard pornography. We will not handle projects we feel are unduly violent, racist or sexist.

We will consider young adult or juvenile titles. However, if we believe you would be better served by someone who specializes in these categories, we will be happy to refer you.

Although we prefer to deal with book-length manuscripts, we will consider short stories, or portions of manuscripts, in any of the genres listed above.

We generally do not handle poetry, unless it is strictly a page design / layout and/or cover design project.

Curious about costs? Here's information on our fees.


Here is what we DON'T do...

  • We are not a publisher, so we do not solicit manuscripts. In other words, we do not pay you for your manuscript. If you pay us, however, we will do everything possible to make your manuscript "publisher-worthy." And, as noted above, we also write book proposals and queries — your key to getting a publisher interested in the first place!
  • We do not issue ISBNs or Library of Congress numbers, though we have frequently helped guide our clients through these processes. See our "Links" page for more information.
  • We are not printers or book manufacturers; we don't own a printing press (although the way we go through reams of paper, and toner cartridges, when printing out manuscripts, we sometimes wonder!). However, we do everything up to the printing / manufacturing stage, so if you hire us for any of the services for self-published authors, we will be more than happy to assist you with finding a book manufacturer, and providing quality control and technical assistance throughout the printing process. (Note: We do not accept "kickbacks" from any book manufacturer or printer; we base our recommendations strictly on our experience and research.)
  • We are not literary agents, so we cannot find a publisher for you. We can, however, provide general guidance and suggestions for finding a publisher or an agent. And again, we can and will do everything possible to help you make your work as marketable as possible — and therefore more attractive to an agent or publisher. You'll find links to more information about agents on our "Links" page. And in the future, we may have some direct links to selected agents.
  • We do not do extensive marketing or publicity work. Although we do create marketing materials for print and the Internet, as noted above, we leave the "heavy work" of marketing and publicity to the experts in those fields. Again, we can make recommendations; see our "Links" page.
  • We do not handle distribution and fulfillment, although we often help our clients with basics such as getting their books on (We will also be adding distribution & fulfillment links to our Links page soon.)

Having said all that, we're always looking for ways to expand our services. At some point in the future we may be working more closely with select small publishers and/or book manufacturers. We are currently engaged in talks with a couple of firms about the possibilities for publishing alliances that will enable us to offer easier access to even more services than we currently offer on our own. When this happens, rest assured that we shout it from the rooftops (or at least we'll put it on our Clients/News page, as well as this one), in order to maintain transparency about all of our operations. In other words, when we recommend a company to you, we'll be upfront about whether or not we're getting a piece of the pie.

Now that you know more about what we do, and what we don't do...what can we do for you?
Send us an e-mail at


7 seriously good reasons
to hire Schmidt Kaye & Co.
for your next book project
(just a few things that set us apart from all those others)

We hope that many of the advantages we offer to authors will become apparent as you browse this site. Here's a short list for starters:

1. You get "two for the price of one" (the "most ghost" for your money!). That's right; you get both Ron and Connie, with our individual but complementary talents. Ron, a "quick-start" person, has a knack for jumping right in and creating something from nothing — writing a book completely from scratch, if need be. Connie's forte lies more in rewriting and attending to the details, smoothing out the rough spots in a manuscript (redundancies, inconsistencies in "voice," etc.), while shaping it into a cohesive whole. On the other hand, Ron can also be a "detail person," and Connie can also create from scratch. Both of us have a talent for design and layout, and we have tons of creative ideas. Ron has a considerable amount of technical expertise in areas such as photo retouching and prepress work, not to mention computer technology. Connie's a stickler for research and fact checking. And so on.

When you hire us, you are also hiring two sets of sensibilities and perspectives. Many of our clients have told us they felt it was an advantage to have both a male and a female perspective. We agree. Just to confuse the issue, however, Ron sometimes thinks and writes "like a woman," whatever that means, and sometimes Connie thinks and writes "like a man," whatever that means. (Even some of our clients to whom we've become pretty close have been fooled by "who wrote what.") At least in theory, though, you have two differing gender perspectives...not to mention our two wildly different but somehow compatible personalities.

You also have two editors and quality-control checkers. We're constantly checking each other's work to make sure that we haven't overlooked anything. Two heads really are better than one, as are two sets of eyes.

We're a "company," but we are a small company that doesn't take on a huge number of projects at one time. That's why we can give you and your book the personal attention that's so often lacking today. And unlike the notorious vanity presses and "author mills," we truly care about literary merit and production quality.

The two of us are a team, and we will both put our very best effort into making your book the best it can be.

2. You get the advantage of "one-stop shopping." Well, almost "one stop," anyway! We're not "just" ghostwriters, not "just" editors, not "just" book designers. We do all of these things and more. In fact, we do just about everything for your book except printing, marketing and fulfillment. We can even steer you in the right direction for those services too. (Note: Be cautious about companies that claim to "do it all" — writing, editing, designing, printing/publishing, marketing and fulfillment — for one low price. These are NOT necessarily vanity presses, but very often, you either sacrifice quality in one or more areas, or you give up control, or both. Some of these companies are really in the printing business primarily, and they offer low-cost but negligible editing, design, etc. to entice you to buy their printing service.)

3. We'll come to you if you need us to. Much of the time, we don't need to meet our clients face to face, though of course we always welcome that opportunity. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can and have done projects for clients all over the world without ever setting foot outside our door. But sometimes in-person meetings are necessary. And although travel expenses are paid by the client, we make every effort to keep costs down as much as possible. In fact, if it's cheaper for us to drive than to fly, we will gladly hop into our minivan and make a "mini-vacation" of it. (And we won't stay in five-star hotels or eat at hoity-toity restaurants along the way. That is, unless you absolutely insist on it.) If we do fly, we don't demand first-class tickets (believe it or not, there are service providers who do!).

4. We're honest and upfront. We're honest about our prices — no "surprises" or hidden charges. Unless you make significant changes or additions to the project after the contract is signed and the project begins, we stick with our original price. (Here's the link to our Fees page.) We will also be honest with you about the merits and potential of your work, as we perceive it. And we will be honest about what we can and cannot do. If we think you would be better served by someone else, we'll let you know, and will do our best to point you in the direction of a service provider who can help you.

5. We're fun to work with. Or so we've been told! We have a great sense of humor (and we like long walks on the beach, a roaring fire on a winter night, puppies, and world peace...) We're open to creative ideas. We're not easily offended (and try not to be offensive ourselves). And as much as we love books, we care even more for the authors of those books.

6. We've been doing this for a long time. We (Ron and Connie) have been in business together since 1995, and our individual backgrounds as writers and graphic designers go back even further. We are not just a couple of displaced dabblers who recently got laid off from cushy corporate jobs and decided to give ghostwriting and book design a whirl because we heard they could be lucrative. We are dedicated and experienced book doctors, literary collaborators, and designers. We were here yesterday...and we'll be here tomorrow.

7. We give you more than your money's worth. We are not the cheapest writers and designers you will find (again, here's the link to our Fees page), but if you do a little shopping around, you will find that we are far from the most expensive either. And we always do a little more than we were hired for. Besides the complete range of services we provide, there are many intangibles — we offer not only our creative talent and technical expertise, but something just as important: the emotional support that is so crucial to an author. We know what a nerve-wracking and yet exhilarating process "birthing a book" can be. And we never forget your book is your "baby."


Our philosophy: "Heart, Not Hype"
(the 8th seriously good reason to hire us)

"The trouble with America isn't that the poetry of life has turned to prose,
but that it has changed to advertising copy."
~ Mortimer B. Zuckerman in U.S. News & World Report

We don't have a mission statement per se, perhaps because we consider every project to be a mission in and of itself. And because we throw ourselves so thoroughly into our projects, each book we complete truly feels like a "mission accomplished." No doubt there's a mission statement buried somewhere in the copy on our home page or this page. But we'll leave that to the highly paid consultants of the world to figure out!

Though we have worked for years without the benefit of a mission statement, we do have a guiding philosophy, and that philosophy has always been, "Heart, Not Hype." We think Mort Zuckerman hit it right on the head with the quotation above. Virtually everyone is selling something these days — and not just selling it, but hyping it to the point of meaninglessness.

We say, "Enough already!" At Schmidt Kaye & Company, we are dedicated to the proposition that not everything is earthshaking, window-shattering, roof-ripping, or life-changing. To put it bluntly, we believe that the language of promotion does not have to be the language of "hustledorks" (which term, incidentally, was coined by our very own Ron Kaye). And so, whether we're helping someone write a book, or creating back cover copy or a website or a brochure to promote that book, we try always to move beyond the buzzwords and hyperbole to get to ... well, the heart.

There is a second level of meaning for "Heart, not Hype." We truly put our hearts into each project, and, with the exception of this web site, we don't expend a great deal of energy tooting our own horns. Frankly, we'd rather have others toot our horns for us. Towards that end, look for a testimonial page, coming soon. But for now, let's talk about what we can do for you. Follow the links on this page for more information, or contact us (our contact information is below).

We'll see you in print!


If you're at all serious about your book,
don't miss our "Reality Checks" pages.
Keep scrolling down...

Are you ready for a little reality?
Frank talk for authors
who are more than just curious...

A little reality never hurt anyone! Click on the pic...

Reality Checks For Authors & Prospective Authors: We're not here to dash anyone's dreams. On the contrary, we became literary collaborators to help people realize their dreams of creating a book. But these dreams have to be based on reality, and that is why we have provided a series of "reality checks" for authors and prospective authors. These include our exclusive Author Questionnaire...a list of what to expect from your literary collaborator...and a cautionary note for authors who are absolutely sure they have the next blockbuster bestseller.

If you are serious about your book, follow the links on our Reality Checks page...and don't be afraid! If the information here doesn't scare you away, it will make you — and your book — stronger.


Want more information?

Just send us an e-mail at

Or drop us a line via snail mail at:
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We recommend that before making an inquiry,
you read all of the pages linked on the
Reality Checks page,
as well as our
Fees page.


Worthy diversions

Links and Diversions: Don't overlook this page of colleagues, associates and other persons of consequence. You will also find links to, and a little information about, several important sites for self-publishing authors, e.g., the ISBN site, the Library of Congress site, and the US Copyright Office site.

And for those of you who really have time to'll also find links to information on Ron and Connie's "night jobs," such as they are...


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