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for authors: a good dose of reality

Please pardon our mess while we remodel.
Meanwhile, you can find our portal page
Reality Checks For Authors
at our old web site.

This will lead you to our popular Author Questionnaire, which will help you honestly evaluate your manuscript or book idea. (It utilizes many of the same questions we consider when evaluating client manuscripts.) You'll also get advice on what to expect from a literary collaborator, and how to take a hard realistic look at that blockbuster you're sure you've penned. (Of course, you can follow the links in this paragraph and get to the pages directly.)

Just remember:
1. The links on that old page will only lead to more old links. So, if you're using a newer version of a browser such as Firefox or Windows Explorer, right-click on the link and choose "Open up link on new page." Or...

2. ...Use the "previous page" arrow at the top of your browser to get back here.

3. Even more importantly, the contact information on the old site ~ including the email address ~ is incorrect.
You can reach us at: or any of the other addresses at the bottom of this page.

Okay, here is that link...

Good news! We now accept Paypal payments, for quick, easy, and secure transactions.

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