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what is a hustledork?

hustledork (hus-el-dork) n [coined in the mid-1990s by Schmidt Kaye & Company principal Ron Kaye, who doubles as a social commentator]: A hustledork can be a garden-variety business geek and excellence freak, or an aggressively capitalistic self-help guru (or guru wannabe). The garden-variety hustledorks ~ and we all know some ~ are known for habitually cornering people at social or business gatherings and babbling to them about some powerful new product, "technology" or way of life that will change their lives forever. The self-help-guru h-dorks are better known for performing the electronic equivalent thereof, by sending faux-personal get-me-rich-quick spamograms to their massive mail lists. These people generally hang out together, particularly on the Internet, patting each other on the back, singing each other's praises and shooting out spamograms on each other's behalf. It's one long mutual and promotional circle, and the rest of us get to clean up the resulting mess from our "In" boxes just about every day. Lucky us!

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